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Upholstery Cleaning Wokingham

So many activities happen around the home furniture which is why regular upholstery cleaning is vital. In fact, anything in your home that contains fabric must be cleaned regularly to have a clean and germ-free home.

Will Cleaning your sofa cause damage?

At Completely Floorless we are experts at all things upholstery. We have professionals who are well trained to handle all types of sofas. We are very gentle and careful when cleaning your sofa so as to give you a clean and in perfect shape. We can assure you that cleaning your sofa will not cause any damages once you let us handle the job.

However, if you hire the wrong people to work on your upholstery, the answer to this question may be a yes. Many companies claim to be professionals at upholstery cleaning but not all will work with utmost care and precision to clean your sofa. Make sure you check the authenticity of a cleaning company before you work with them. Get a company that will not only clean your sofa but takes good care of it such as Completely Floorless.

Being the best upholstery cleaning company, we know what works best for each type of sofa. Before we start working on your sofa we first have to check the manufacturer’s manual and determine the most appropriate cleaning method. Most of the sofas will have: · 

WS – here we can use a solvent-based cleaner or water · 

  • W – cleaning is done with water · 
  • X – vacuum only · 
  • S – this sofa is not cleaned with water 

However, due to our prowess and experience in the industry, we don’t need to go looking for the manual since we have worked on numerous sofas. Once we lay our eyes on the sofa, we will automatically know the most effective cleaning method it requires. Give us a call or text us today and we will deliver beyond your expectations.

How Often Should You Clean Your Upholstery?

Professional upholstery cleaning by an affordable company such as Completely Floorless ought to be done once or two times every year. That is the standard time frame if the upholstery is fine and there are no odors. However, if you have pets and children who are always all over the sofa and spill liquids on it then probably you could have it cleaned more often.

Surface Cleaning 

The upholstery should be vacuumed regularly. Vacuuming your sofa is crucial as it keeps it free of allergens, dust, and dirt. Surface cleaning will ensure your household remains disease-free because of the lack of pathogens and germs. Consider vacuuming the upholstery weekly or at any time you are vacuuming your floors.

Affordable and Professional Sofa Cleaning Services 

Vacuuming the sofa regularly is vital, to keep it dirt-free. However, it is important for the upholstered sofa to receive professional and deep cleaning from Completely Floorless at least once every six months more so if you have kids or pets at home. Vacuuming may get rid of the dirt but some dust may still find its way in between the joints. 

We will meticulously clean the sofa and take good care of it not to damage the fabric since we are professionals at what we do. You can have the sofa cleaned once every year if you have no pets or kids at home.

How Quickly Will Your Sofas Take to Dry?

Deep cleaning the couch will automatically leave the sofa wet and it needs time to dry off completely for use once more. Usually, it will take from 1 to 6 hours for the sofa to completely dry. 

However, the drying time can be reduced by the use of fans. The fans get the airflow moving which might reduce the drying time by half the hours. Oscillating fans, ceiling fans, or small box fans can easily do the job. You could also open your windows for airflow or turn on the heat to speed up the drying process. 

Completely Floorless offers the best and most affordable upholstery cleaning services. With our professionalism and expertise, we can never go wrong with your sofa. Many customers have tried our services and end up coming to us every once in a while. Talk to us today and we will give you the most premier services as far as upholstery cleaning is concerned.

You can count on Completely Floorless to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. 

Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like more information about a specific offering.

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Lisa Sumner
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Chris turned up on time and got to work straight away. I'm so happy with the work done - my carpets are spotless and the room smells lovely. He also did the arms on my sofa and they look much better, plus the rates are very reasonable. Would recommend Chris 100%!
Sally Nash
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I arranged a job for my elderly mother who needed some blood removing from a carpet and I set up the appointment for her remotely and Chris did a good professional job.
Aisha B
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I had my carpets cleaned and they look like new! Highly reccomend using this company
Jacksons Ford
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Called this company with regards to cleaning our shop floor. came out next day to look at job, confirmed he could make a difference to floor. Came out within the next couple of days on a Sunday (as not convenient to us during week) and done an excellent job! for a really reasonable price, so much so we are going to have them back around March time for another Deep Clean & Polish. Great Work Guys Than You so much Jacksons Service Reading Like
Lisajane Baxter
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Professional, courteous and did a fantastic job!
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